Collaborative Methodologies and Practices

The Council aims to create a collaborative process of planning and implementing new approaches to education and educational research which will enable educators to address the ecological and social crises that are threatening life on this planet.

We are all in this together. None among us has the answer to how we can effectively address the planetary challenges that we face. We need to create ways for students and learners to work together collaboratively, to identify constructive ways forward within the unprecedented context and crisis in which we find ourselves.

The Council recognises that an immense body of knowledge has been created about learner engagement. Many theories and practices encourage the participation of students in their own learning. The Council will seek to ensure that all key people working within it have some awareness and knowledge of the work and research that has been done around this.

There will be many different views as to how to move forward. These need to be shared in a constructive context, using a process of reflexivity and dialogue.
Consequently, all active participants in the Global Accreditation Council should be prepared to learn about the different kinds of reflexivity and different forms of dialogue. In this spirit, the Council will be continually in dialogue with members to discern what forms of accreditation most effectively serve the quality of education required for the world that is coming.