Priorities for the Global Accreditation Council

In the spirit of addressing the global challenges of our time and the imperative for a collaborative multidisciplinary approach to learning, the Council has the following priorities:


The Council encourages innovation and transformation in education. We encourage experimentation and new thinking. We focus on meeting the needs of students in a radically changing world.


The Council supports competency based learning.
Participating institutions will strive to develop global standards of competency based learning that honor competencies acquired whether through the classroom or life experience.


The Council affirms collaborative action to solve global problems. Participating organizations must have an institutional commitment to develop educational programs supporting regeneration of communities and ecology at a critical moment in history. Accreditation must be as much about ACTION in the world as Knowledge about the world.


The Council offers accreditation to academic institutions as well as civil society organizations and other non-academic organizations developing learning experiences. Studies show 70% of what we learn comes from outside the classroom. The Council will break new ground in the field of accreditation by accrediting schools, training organizations, civil society organizations, and other institutions offering learning experiences for users. Education can come from many sources outside traditional academia.


The Council encourages the establishment of norms and procedures that will enable students to transfer courses and credits easily and without penalty. Global Accreditation Credits will be available from all member organizations so that learners can personalize their learning pathways drawing from whichever learning experience and organization best suits them. They will be able to work towards the credential of their choice – from a competency-based badge to an industry-standard diploma to a university degree.


The Council Accreditation Council is comprised of distinguished educational professionals drawn from around the world dedicated to supporting excellence and innovation in education. The Council will include academic professionals as well as professionals drawn from non-academic organizations developing courses and programs for learning. The Council will be multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral.


The Council is designed to assure the educational community, the general public and other organizations that any institution accredited by GAC has met high standards of quality and effectiveness while experimenting with innovation and new technologies. GAC accreditation will require annual reports, student feedback and interaction to ensure the school’s ongoing commitment to quality education.


Students will be able to collect credits from any GAC approved institution or program, creating their own personalized blend of online and in-person learning experiences from the institutions of their choice. GAC will host the students’ academic portfolio and provide official documentation as evidence of their academic qualifications when required. The Council will also build relationships with potential employers to ensure the recognition of Council credits and qualifications in the jobs market. This will include Prior Learning Assessment of competencies learned earlier in life.